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The technical support available for outreach activities including external and internal visits and impact activities including hosting courses/conferences for external organisations, Open Days and Visit Days

Services include...

Outreach activities *

Planning Outreach

  • Consulting with person responsible with regards to scheduling and practicality of the chosen activities (e.g. availability of space and equipment)
  • Training University staff on operating the equipment
  • When agreed, and within University of Reading campuses (UK), laying out equipment and materials as required
  • Providing any H&S documentations (e.g. SOP, RA, etc.) if controlled by Technical Services
  • Providing information required by the organiser to allow an informed induction to external visitors
  • Issuing a permit to work for external individuals who are operating in a professional capacity (e.g. film crew, interviewers, etc.) in areas supported by Technical Services
  • Providing PPE and waste container if required
  • Providing access to teaching collections (e.g. specimens, data, fabric, etc.)
  • Demonstrating and preparing equipment for external/internal visits*

During Outreach

  • When required and agreed, providing demonstration and support during the activities
  • Providing a safe environment for outreach activities in areas supported by Technical Services

After Outreach

  • Receipting of allocated equipment or specimens from collections from organiser as soon as practical after the event
  • Decontamination of laboratory areas and waste processing

Hosting Courses and Conferences for External Organisations*

  • Liaising with external contacts and School requestors
  • Agreeing technical support for course
  • Ordering consumables and equipment as requested
  • Co-ordinating activities as agreed during course/conference

Open Days and Visit Days*

  • Liaising with School staff and teaching office staff to determine requirements*
  • Preparing demonstrations
  • Liaising with visitors on Open Days and Visit Days*

Additional services with a charge for Technician time

Outreach activities

  • Training and support of any visiting students and researchers (e.g. external UG students, UROP students, external PG students)
  • Analysis of samples generated by outreach and impact activities
  • Participation in outreach activities outside of normal working hours/outside UoR campuses

Hosting Courses and Conferences for External Organisations

  • All time to be charged

What's not included

Outreach activities

  • Creation of risk assessments
  • Build and design of new equipment

What we need from our service users

Outreach and external courses

  • 6 months' notice for new Outreach support requests
  • 2 weeks' notice for training requests
  • Access to account codes to the specific purpose of ordering and disposing of items as required
  • Information regarding the outreach and impact activities and anticipated technical support required at least two months in advance
  • Information regarding new external courses at least six months in advance
  • Where insufficient resource available, prioritisation by HoS
  • Suitable and sufficient risk assessment
  • To organise and pay for travel arrangement when agreed activities are arranged outside of University of Reading UK campuses