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Dr Alice Mauchline


Areas of interest

  • Participatory development of sustainable agricultural approaches and adoption of agri-technologies
  • Use of semiochemicals in Integrated Pest Management approaches and development of decision support tools
  • Development of indicators for evaluation and monitoring of agri-environmental schemes
  • Pedagogic innovations in sustainable and equitable fieldwork teaching & learning
  • Integration of citizen science approaches in research and teaching.

Postgraduate supervision

Current PhD students

  • Charlotte Robb (2024-2028 Unilever) Regenerative farming practices for mustard
  • Imogen Hockenhull (2022-25) Participatory frameworks for enhancing sustainability and resilience in urban agriculture [FoodSEquals UKRI TUFS]
  • Kirsten Ayris (2021-25) Responsible innovation of autonomous robots in agriculture: towards more substantive inclusion and user-centred design [BBSRC Food Biosystems DTP]
  • Vicky Gerrard (2020-24) Investigation into sustainability labelling of food and implications for the consumer and the food industry [BBSRC Food Biosystems DTP]

Completed PhD students

  • Patricia Ortega Ramos (2021) Ecology and distribution of cabbage stem flea beetle and its parasitoids in UK winter oilseed rape crops [Reading-Rothamsted Alliance]
  • Chris Shortall (2021) The temporal and spatial ecology of Brassicogethes (Meligethes) aeneus[BBSRC Food Security DTP]
  • Kris Grentz (2020) Understanding the impact of phylloplane biocontrol agents on insects [HDB/HDC; BBSRC/Lawes Trust/RETF]
  • Penny Fletcher (2010) The pollination of four wild plant species in crop fields [Lawes Trust]
  • Mark Otieno (2010) The effect of pollination on the reproduction of wild plants in arable ecosystems [Felix Trust Scholarship]


I provide lectures and practicals for several modules including; Principles of Integrated Pest Management (AP3A102/APMA104), Research Methods in Agricultural Ecology and Environment MRes (APMA 110), Agricultural Technology: application, adoption and ethics (AP3A107/APMA119), and Rethinking Agricultural Development (APMA103).

Research projects

Current and recent research projects

  • FOLOU (2023-2026 EU Horizon Europe) Bringing knowledge and consensus to prevent and reduce food loss at the primary production stage
  • FTAONB (2023-2024 NERC) Future Treescapes in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • Value4Farm (2023-2027 EU Horizon Europe) Coupling sustainable food production with renewable energy production
  • SHOWCASE (2020-2025 EU H2020)SHOWCASing synergies between agriculture, biodiversity and Ecosystem services to help farmers capitalising on native biodiversity
  • ENVISION (2020-2023 EU H2020) Remote, systematic monitoring of agricultural land
  • Close the Gap (2022-2021 Lottery Heritage Fund) Hedgerow knowledge exchange project
  • WeValueFood(2019-2020 EIT Food) Knowledge exchange project on developing young European’s knowledge of and appreciation of food
  • Cleanfruit (2020 EIT Food) Standardisation of innovative pest control strategies to produce zero residue fruit
  • Innovations in Arable Farming MOOC (2020 EIT Food) Online course on Technologies for Sustainable Farming Systems
  • Microbiome PUSH (2020 EIT Food) Educational Food Solutions for applications of microbiomes in difference segments of the food chain
  • Trust in Our Food MOOC (2018-2019 EIT Food) Online course on Understanding Food Supply Systems
  • RECAP (2015-2018) EU H2020 PeRsonalised public sErvices in support of the implementation of the CAP

Educational networks

Enhancing Fieldwork Learning: A cross-disciplinary project aiming to promote ways to enhance student learning during fieldwork through the use of technology

Teaching and Learning Special Interest Group of the British Ecological Society

KiteSite: Development of a campus biodiversity recording app

Professional bodies/affiliations

Co-chair of the Athena Swan SAT for SAPD and school Diversity and Inclusion Champion (2021-)

Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2021)

Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence, AdvanceHE (2018)

Co-chair of the Teaching and Learning Special Interest Group of the British Ecological Society (2017-)


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