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Modules for 2024/25

Module Code Module Title Semester taught ECTS credits
HS1PIH Perspectives in History Semesters 1 and 2 10
HS2O11 Hollywood Histories: Film and the Past Semester 1 10
HS2O13 The Crusades, 1095-1291 Semester 1 10
HS2O16 'The brightest jewel in the British crown': The Making of Modern South Asia, 1757-1947 Semester 1 10
HS2O17 Reform and Revolt in the Modern Middle East: Egypt from Ataturk to the 'Arab Spring' Semester 1 10
HS2O19 Europe in the Twentieth Century Semester 1 10
HS2O3 People, power and revolution: political culture in seventeenth-century England Semester 1 10
HS2O4 Women and Medieval History Semester 2 10
HS2O56 Medieval Medicine Semester 1 10
HS2O58 Black Britain: Race and Migration in Post-war Britain Semester 2 10
HS2O62 From Revolution to Reconstruction: A Social History of the Nineteenth-Century USA Semester 2 10
HS2O7 Kingship and Crisis in England, c.1154–1330 Semester 2 10
HS3SHP Heretics and Popes: Heresy and Persecution in the Medieval World Semesters 1 and 2 20
HS3T25 Medieval Magic and the Origins of the Witch-Craze Semester 1 10
HS3T77 Battleaxes and Benchwarmers': Early female MPs 1919-1931 Semester 1 10
HS3T82 Axis at War: Life and Death in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, 1936-45 Semester 2 10
HS3T98 From Darwin to Death Camps? Evolution and eugenics in European society, 1859-1945 Semester 2 10
HS2O60 Noise Annoys: British Youth Culture, Popular Music and Social Change, 1950s-90s Semester 2 10
HS3T104 Utopia: the Quest for a Perfect World Semester 1 10
HS3T90 Poor Law to Hostile Environment: Repatriation, Deportation and Exclusion from Britain 1800-2016 Semester 2 10