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Modules for 2024/25

Exchange students who are not from Education-owned exchange partnerships cannot apply for modules at the Institute of Education.

Module code Module name Semesters taught ECTS
ED1BPT Psychology and Theories of Learning Semester 2 10
ED1MCE3 Music, Children and Education 1 Semester 1 10
ED2BGS Global Perspectives in Education and Sustainability Semester 1 10
ED2BLG Learning Gender: Exploring the Links Between Gender, Education and Society Semester 1 10
ED2BLM Language, Multilingualism and Identity Semester 1 10
ED2BWE Health, Education and Wellbeing: Psychological and Sociological Perspectives Semester 1 10
ED2DED Deafness and Education Semester 1 10
ED2TSC Theatre for Social Change Semester 1 10
ED3BDE Changing Education: an educational project for social justice Semester 2 10
ED3BHH Head and Heart: Education for Meaning and Community Semester 1 10
ED3BLE Leadership in Education Semester 1 10
ED3BMU Understanding the Theory and Practice of Mentoring Semester 1 10
ED3DBE Deafness and Blindness in Education Semester 1 10
ED3EEP Examining Educational Policy Semester 2 10
ED3FS2 The Foundation Subjects in the Primary Classroom 2 Semester 1 10
EDM188 Educating Diverse Groups Semester 2 10
EDM202 Future Leaders in Education Semester 2 10