Staff Profile:Dr Patrick Finnegan



  • PO2WAP: War and Peace since 1800
  • PO3STH: Strategic Theory
  • PIM65: Strategic Studies
  • PO3BFD: British Foreign and Defence Policy Since 1945
  • Contributor to the Army Higher Education Pathway with responsibility for Contemporary British Foreign Policy
Areas of Interest:
  • Terrorism/Counter Terrorism
  • Strategic Studies
  • Military Sociology

Feedback and consultation hours:

  • Tuesday 09:00 - 11:00
Research groups / Centres:

'Religious Motivation During the Troubles' in St Antony's International Review, Volume 12, Number 1, May 2016, pp. 53-75(23).

"Professionalization of a Nonstate Actor: A Case Study of the Provisional IRA." Armed Forces & Society 45, no. 2 (2019): 349-367


Patrick joined the Department in September 2017 and primarily teaches strategic studies. Although his research interests are varied, the primary areas of concern are terrorism and military sociology, particularly the potential overlap between the two. Patrick's work has focused on applying cohesion studies, particularly professionalism, to non-state actors in an effort to explain their development.

Prior to joining the Department Patrick taught a number of topics and the University of Exeter. These included: American Politics, Strategic Studies, Rising Powers: peace and conflict, and the Changing Character of Warfare. He also designed and produced a Strategic Studies module for the University of Hertfordshire.

Patrick has also contributed to military education 'short courses' based on his research on Counter Insurgency and Terrorism in Northern Ireland. These courses have included serving military personnel and defence related civil servants.

Impact and Outreach

Patrick has been involved with a number of events which seek to introduce students to real world applications of strategy and attempts to devise solutions to real world problems. Most successful of these has been Grand Challenges where students have been given the resources they needed to understand and provide solutions for real life problems. Some of these solutions have been suggested to the government for consideration.

Through his research Patrick has also directly engaged with many former combatants from the Northern Irish Troubles. These have included former military and paramilitary. Particular groups have been the Devonshire and Dorset Regimental Association as well as former Republican prisoners groups. Patrick has also provided insight for those supporting government select committees and the media.


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