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Dr Joseph O'Mahoney
Job Title:
Lecturer in Politics and International Relations
  • School Director of Recruitment and Admissions
  • Admissions Tutor
  • Module Convener for PIM85 Qualitative Methods for International Relations,
  • Module Convener for PO2MIR Modern International Relations
Areas of Interest:

Dr Joseph O'Mahoney's research primarily examines questions of how norms and rules about war, the use of force, and nuclear weapons, affect state behaviour and how they change, persist and are manipulated. He has a particular interest in how the international community reacts to norm violations. Along with a co-author he is also engaged in another ongoing project on the role of colonial heritage in the criminalisation of homosexuality.

For more details about his research, see his personal website:

Research Supervision:

Dr O'Mahoney is interested in supervising projects on International Norm Dynamics

Research groups / Centres:

Member of the Monroe Group - An interdisciplinary research group at the University of Reading focused on the study of US politics

Research grants / Awards:

Dr O'Mahoney's work has been funded by the Stanton Foundation, the American Philosophical Society, the Josephine de Karman Fellowship Trust, and the Loughran Foundation

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05/19 'What will Taiwan's same-sex marriages mean in the rest of Asia?', Monkey Cage, The Washington Post

01/19 'Is US withdrawal from the INF treaty a good idea? Or is it merely Trumpian pique?', Monroe Group Blog, University of Reading

02/17 'Trump says that spoils belong to the victor. That's an invitation to more war', Monkey Cage, The Washington Post

11/16 'A Liar in the Oval Office Could Threaten the World's Order', Time (with David Banks)

07/16 'After Brexit, Britain is free, but it will never be a global power again', The Independent (with David Banks)

10/14 'The British Colonial Origins of Anti-Gay Laws', Monkey Cage, The Washington Post (with Enze Han)

2014 'China's 1989 Choice: The Paradox of Seeking Wealth and Democracy', Wilson Quarterly (with   Zheng Wang)


Previously Dr O'Mahoney was a Stanton Nuclear Security Junior Faculty Fellow at MIT's Security Studies Programme, and he has taught at Seton Hall University, Brown University and George Washington University.


PhD, George Washington University

Joe OMahoney

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+44 (0) 118 378 7832
Edith Morley 290

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