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Dr Christoph Arndt
Job Title:
Lecturer in Comparative Politics
  • Convenor of Introduction to Contemporary Democracy' (PO1ICD)
  • Co-teacher of 'The Politics of Public Policy' (PIM49)
Areas of Interest:

Comparative politics, electoral behaviour, political parties, public opinion, comparative welfare state analysis, public policy analysis, German and Scandinavian politics.

Research groups / Centres:

Articles (peer reviewed)

Arnd, Christoph (2017): An Empirical Model of Issue Evolution and Partisan Realignment in a Multiparty System. Political Research Quarterly, OnlineFirst.

Lee, Seonghui, Jensen, Carsten, Arndt, Christoph & Wenzelburger, Georg (2017): Risky Business? Welfare state reforms and government support in Britain and Denmark. Accepted for publication in British Journal of Political Science.

Jensen, Carsten, Arndt, Christoph, Lee, Seonghui & Wenzelburger, Georg (2016): Policy instruments and welfare state reform. Accepted for publication in Journal of European Social Policy.

Arndt, Christoph & Rennwald, Line (2016): Union members at the polls in diverse trade union landscapes. European Journal of Political Research, Vol. 55, Nr. 4, pp. 702-722.

Arndt, Christoph (2016): Issue Evolution and the Remaking of Partisan Alignments in a European Multiparty System: Elite and Mass Repositioning in Denmark 1968-2011. European Union Politics, Vol. 17, Nr. 4, pp. 660-682.

Arndt, Christoph (2016): Public policy-making and risk profiles: The Scandinavian centre-right in power after the turn of the millennium. OnlineFirst in European Political Science Review.

Jensen, Carsten, Lee, Seonghui, Arndt, Christoph & Wenzelburger, Georg (2016): Hvordan reagerer vælgerne på velfærdsforringelser? [How do voters react to welfare state retrenchment?] Politica. Tidsskrift for politisk videnskab. Vol. 48, Nr. 3, pp. 303-319.

Arndt, Christoph (2016): Die Wahlen zum dänischen Folketing vom 18. Juni 2015: knapper bürgerlicher Sieg bei erdrutschartigen Wählerwanderungen. Zeitschrift für Parlamentsfragen, Vol. 47, Nr. 4, pp. 745-756.

Arndt, Christoph & Rennwald, Line (2015): Workplace Characteristics and Working Class Vote for the Old and New Right. OnlineFirst in British Journal of Industrial Relations.

Arndt, Christoph & van Kersbergen, Kees (2015): Social Democracy after the Third Way: Restoration or Renewal? Policy and Politics, Vol. 43, Nr. 2, pp. 203-220.

Arndt, Christoph (2014): Social Democracy's Mobilization of New Constituencies: The Role of Electoral Systems. Party Politics, Vol. 20, Nr. 5, pp. 778-790. (Publication for assessment)

Arndt, Christoph (2014): Beating Social Democracy on its Own Turf: Issue Convergence as Winning Formula for the Centre-right in Universal Welfare States. Scandinavian Political Studies, Vol. 37, Nr. 2, pp. 149-170. (Publication for assessment)

Arndt, Christoph (2013): The Electoral Consequences of Welfare State Reforms for the Danish Social Democrats. World Political Science Review, Vol. 9, Nr. 1, pp. 319-335.

Arndt, Christoph (2012): Velfærdsreformernes elektorale konsekvenser for Socialdemokraterne. [Danish version of article in World Political Science Review] Politica. Tidsskrift for politisk videnskab, Vol. 44, Nr. 3, pp. 416-434.

Arndt, Christoph (2012): Die Folketingswahl in Dänemark vom 15. September 2011: Abwahl einer Regierung ohne klaren Sieg der Opposition. Zeitschrift für Parlamentsfragen, Vol. 43, Nr. 1, pp. 142-152.

Monographs (peer reviewed)

Arndt, Christoph (2013): The Electoral Consequences of Third Way Welfare State Reforms: Social Democracy's Transformation and its Political Costs. Amsterdam, Amsterdam University Press B.V. (Series: Changing Welfare States). 277 pages.

Book chapters (peer reviewed)

Arndt, Christoph & Jensen, Carsten (2017): Partivalg og holdninger til velfærdsstaten. [Party choice and attitudes towards the welfare state] In: Kasper Møller-Hansen & Rune Stubager (Eds.), Oprør fra udkanten - Folketingsvalget 2015. København: DJØF-forlag. Chapter 12.

Arndt, Christoph (2015): The Role of Electoral Systems for the Translation of Political Trust into Electoral Participation. In: Christina Eder, Ingvill C. Mochmann & Markus Quandt (Eds.), Political Trust and Disenchantment with Politics: Perspectives from around the Globe. Leiden, Brill Academic Publishers. Pp. 109-129.

Arndt, Christoph (2014): The Electoral Consequences of Reforming a Bismarckian Welfare State. In: Staffan Kumlin & Isabelle Stadelmann-Steffen (Eds.), How Welfare States Shape the Democratic Public: Policy Feedback, Participation, Voting and Attitudes. Cheltenham, UK & Northampton, USA, Edward Elgar Publishing. Pp. 132-155.

Working Papers (unpublished) and reports

Arndt, Christoph (2017): Making sense of the 'Black Widow Effect' - An analysis of the Liberal Democrats' failure in 2015 from a comparative perspective.

Arndt, Christoph & Hoerisch, Felix (2015): Flexicurity policies in Europe - Diffusion and Effects of Flexicurity Labour Market Policies. Working paper No. 1 and report published in the Working Paper Series of the international research project "Cultural Pathways to Economic Self-Sufficiency and Entrepreneurship: Family Values and Youth Unemployment in Europe" (CUPESSE).

Arndt, Christoph (2014): Welfare State Retrenchment and its Electoral Consequences - What Have We Learned so Far? Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Danish Political Science Association/Årsmøde Dansk Selskab for Statskundskab 23-24 October 2014, Vejle, Denmark.

Arndt, Christoph & Jensen, Carsten (2012): Game Change: When Do Secular Right Parties Become "Social Democratic Light"? Paper presented at Annual Meeting of the Danish Political Science Association/Årsmøde Dansk Selskab for Statskundskab 2011, Vejle, Denmark.

Book reviews

Arndt, Christoph (2012): Review of Johannes Lindvall. Mass Unemployment and the State. Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2011. Politische Vierteljahresschrift, Vol. 53, Nr. 2, pp. 343-346.

Arndt, Christoph (2011): Review of Nathalie Giger, The Risk of Social Policy? The Electoral Consequences of Welfare State Retrenchment and Social Policy Performance in OECD Countries. London, Routledge, 2011. Journal of European Social Policy, Vol. 21, Nr. 4, pp. 384-385.

Arndt, Christoph (2010): Review of Jingjing Huo, Third Way Reforms. Social Democracy after the Golden Age. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2009. Politica, Vol. 42, Nr. 3, pp. 361-364.

Brief Biography

Dr Arndt received his Ph.D. in Political Science from Department of Political Science, Aarhus University in 2011, following a master's degree in sociology. Prior to arriving at the University of Reading he was postdoc and assistant professor at Aarhus University. During this time, he worked on a project on how new cultural issues such as immigration, law and order and national identify have reshaped electoral alignments and party politics in Denmark since 1968. An ongoing comparative project with Dr Arndt as Co-investigator further examines how welfare state reforms affects support for the incumbent government and how policy-makers strategically act to hide the consequences of unpopular decisions and policies.

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