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Like many students, Will initially grappled with his course choices after A levels. His journey towards studying pharmacology began with a spark of interest ignited by his chemistry teacher.

"In one of my chemistry lessons, my teacher mentioned pharmacology. So I started looking into it and exploring the career prospects around it, and it really interested me."

This initial curiosity led Will to realise the broad scope and various avenues that pharmacology offers, confirming his decision to study BSc Pharmacology at the University of Reading.

Why Reading?

Will chose Reading because of the industrial placement opportunities offered by the School of Pharmacy. In his third year at the University, Will got the opportunity to do a placement at Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult – Braintree. He found that his pharmacology course prepared him well for his placement as a technician.

"What I like about the course is the breadth of different topics we cover. It provides a broad foundation."

This extensive foundation was particularly beneficial when he began his placement, which focused on cell therapy and gene therapies.

"As a technician, I am involved in lab-based project work, documentation, meetings, shopping and more within the MS&T department (Manufacturing Science and Technology).

At the Braintree site, we are heavily involved in process development and scale up. I am also a lab steward for the preparation area, taking responsibility for the cleanliness, H&S, and so on of that area.

The practical skills and concepts covered in the course have significantly helped in my placement."

 The placement has also prepared Will for the working world.

"Alongside the technical knowledge that I gained, I've learned a lot about communication, teamwork, adaptability, flexibility, and time management."

Visiting research facilities and seeing the real-world applications of his studies has been particularly inspiring for him.

Campus life and future aspirations

"I really like the facilities at Reading – the labs there are really nice. The campus is amazing, especially with its green spaces. There's nothing quite like it."

Looking ahead, Will is considering a Level 7 apprenticeship as a research scientist or a career in regulatory affairs, though he’s also contemplating a future in the Royal Air Force.

"The course has helped massively. Its broad nature offers insights into various career prospects."

Will appreciates the flexibility pharmacology offers, enabling him to explore numerous potential career paths. He wholeheartedly recommends the pharmacology programme at the University of Reading.

"I would 100% recommend studying pharmacology at Reading. We were only the second cohort, and I’m sure the content will only get better, becoming more refined and even more relevant to industry needs. Future students will benefit even more than I have.”

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