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E-journals Finder searching tips

Title search

This searches the titles of journals not their content. There are four search options:

Title begins with

Enter two or more letters to see a list of titles starting with those letters. Initial articles (eg the, a, an, etc) are ignored.

  • Example: enter educat to find titles that begin with those letters eg Education in chemistry, Educational philosophy and theory

This option will also search alternative titles eg when a journal has changed name, it will search for all variants of the title

Title equals

Enter the exact title. Use this option for one word titles.

  • Example: enter nature to find Nature

Title contains all words

Enter one or more words in any order to find all titles containing those words. Use the asterisk * to search for partial words

  • Example: enter review* biolog* to find Annual review of plant biology and Biological reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society

Note: this option does not search for alternative titles eg when a journal has changed name. It will only find the current form of name.

ISSN equals

Find a specific title by entering its print or electronic ISSN. Enter with or without a hyphen.

  • Example: enter 0927-5371 to find Labour economics


Browse by title

Click on the numbers or letters to browse an A-Z list of e-journals.

Browse by subject

Pick a subject from the list and click on Search to see a list of more detailed subjects. Next to each subject is the number of titles covering that topic. Select the subject to view the list of titles.

  • Example: select Health & Biological Sciences, select Microscopy to see a list of e-journals covering microscopy.