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Eva Lippold

    Study Adviser

    Eva Lippold


    • One-to-one advice sessions with individual students on developing more effective study practices
    • General study-skills teaching
    • Develop resources to support student academic practices

    Areas of interest

    Eva’s experience in Higher Education combines research, teaching, and student support, resulting in a broad perspective on academic life and work.

    She completed her BA in English Literature at Anglia Ruskin University in 2012 and an MA in 2013, during which she developed a particular interest in women’s writing.

    Her PhD from Loughborough University focused on exploring the role of women as playwrights in the eighteenth-century theatre, combining literary text analysis with research into the historical and social context these works were produced in.

    After teaching at the University of Derby, Eva joined the Centre for Academic Writing at Coventry University in 2019, where she focused on supporting students to develop their academic skills and delivered specialised teaching on academic writing modules.

    Having joined the Study Advice team at Reading in 2023, Eva looks forward to working with students on increasing their knowledge in all areas of writing, and developing their confidence as academic writers.


    • Lippold, E. 2018. ”Most Women have no Character at all”: Female Playwrights and the London Theatre, 1760-1800. PhD Thesis, Loughborough University
    • Lippold, E. 2020. “I told the Scrib'ling Dame”: Women's Voices in Epilogues and Dialogues. The Female Spectator 4.2, 18-20
    • Lippold, E. 2021. “Liberty joined with Peace and Charity”: Elizabeth Inchbald and a Woman’s Place in the Revolution. The Journal of the Southampton Centre for Nineteenth-century Research, Issue 3, 57-77

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