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Display policy

The Library takes no political or religious stance as a University service. We operate a strict display policy, and review carefully all requests for the use of Library space for exhibitions/displays with the interests and potential sensitivities of our very wide range of users in mind, and with the aim of maintaining a neutral study environment.

Please note also that suitable space for display of posters and other materials is very limited.

We reserve the right to remove any materials displayed without prior permission.

What and where?

There is a noticeboard outside the Library Café for public notices of interest to our Library users. To keep information fresh, we may limit the time material remains here to around two weeks. Other noticeboards are intended for Library materials only.

We do not allow the leafleting of Library study desks, other than for strictly Library purposes.

Non-Library exhibitions

There is exhibition space at the front of the Library Building which can be used by other University departments or external bodies to hold exhibitions or campaigns.

RUSU elections

During RUSU student representative elections, candidates may display their posters on a designated, removable noticeboard in the Library. Any other material will be removed. Canvassing inside the Library is not permitted.

Contact us

If you wish to display materials in the Library in accordance with the above, please contact the or hand them in at Welcome Desk.

Updated October 2022