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Code of Conduct

What we expect from you...

  • Be considerate of other Library users – respect the rights of others to work quietly or silently:
    - keep noise to a minimum in quiet study areas, and maintain silence in the silent study areas;
    - ensure your mobile phone is in silent, non-vibration mode or switched off when you enter the Library - if you wish to make or receive a call go to the lift lobbies or café .
  • Observe the rules concerning food and drink in the Library. Hot and/or fast food may not be brought through the access gates of the Library and may only be consumed within the Café. Non-alcoholic drinks in lidded containers are allowed anywhere in the building. Alcoholic drinks are not permitted in the Library unless expressly authorised by the Librarian (or their delegate) (for example as part of a University event). Library staff may remove and dispose of any food or unlidded drinks left unattended  on tables or desktops. 
  • Observe the rules and regulations concerning the appropriate use of IT.
  • Library materials belong to everyone and you should treat them with respect. Do not write, highlight or underline in books, or deface them in any way.
  • Consider others - share Library materials and spaces for the benefit of all.
  • Treat Library staff with courtesy.

What we will do for you...

  • Help you find the information you need for your work – from books, journals, databases, the Internet or other sources.
  • Show you how to use the Library catalogue, and other online information systems.
  • Help you develop information handling skills you need for lifelong learning.
  • Help you to develop more effective study practices with access to a wide range of guides and individual advice from professional study advisers.
  • Provide help in using Library facilities.
  • Provide space for you to work silently, quietly and in groups.
  • Respond to your enquiries and comments.
  • Treat you with courtesy.

Updated September 2023