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Teagen chose to study at Reading because she’s passionate about developing awareness of the world around her and Reading gave her the opportunity to work with academic experts in International Development.

“I chose to study BSc International Development because it was important to me that my chosen degree would help me understand the challenges facing the world today and how we can work to resolve contemporary issues such as inequality, climate change, and poverty”. 

Her degree has enabled her to grow her skills and knowledge across a broad range of subjects preparing for a career in international development policy and practice.

“The course offered me the opportunity to engage with a wide range of different disciplines that offer a far deeper analysis of developmental issues than I’d seen anywhere else. Reading allowed me to explore my interests fully and develop my awareness of the world around me”.

The University Careers service has been really valuable in helping Teagen find work experience and volunteering opportunities locally. The opportunity to work with charities has enabled her to gain hands on experience and a network of connections with real impact.

“I volunteered at the Reading Town Meal, an annual community event in Reading providing free meals and activities for the community. Taking part allowed me to meet a huge range of people, make connections with local businesses, and become more involved in the town. Events such as these have not only given me valuable experiences for my CV, but have also boosted my confidence, becoming an important part of my personal growth”.

Teagen also jumped at the opportunity to undertake a combined placement and study abroad year between the second and final year of her studies.

“I spent 20 weeks at Uppsala University in Sweden where I studied a range of topics (all in English!) including gender and economic development, global sustainable development and development in political institutions. It was great experiencing a new country and culture. I spent a further 20 weeks working at Reading Refugee Support Group where I gained plenty of problem-solving experience, also a developed a deeper level of resilience and new organisational skills. Crucially it gave me real world insight into development challenges happening on my doorstep.”

Teagen has enjoyed the range of experiences through both her degree course and University societies that have helped her grow personally and academically.

“I’ve really enjoyed the community feeling at Reading, everyone is so friendly and open-minded and it’s been easy to meet people through my course and the wider university. One of the societies I joined was softball, and although I’d never played before everyone was really encouraging and welcoming. It made the adjustment to living independently far easier and allowed me to make connections for future work and opportunities outside of university”.