Artificial Intelligence in Leadership Practice: A Systematic Literature Review on its Occurrence and Use.

This systematic review will show how artificial intelligence (AI) has been studied in the leadership literature and how it is deployed in practice. It seeks to understand from empirical studies what AI applications are deployed, how and why they have become embedded in managerial practices.

Department: Leadership Organisations & Behaviour

Supervised by: Dr Lebene Soga

The Placement Project

This project will explore empirical works that have been conducted in leadership studies within the past two decades when the concept of "e-leadership" emerged. It seeks to examine how AI came to be part of the practice and theorising of leadership and what role it plays in practice. The project will involve the exploration of academic databases using relevant keywords to generate the data needed for analyses. Whereas several AI applications have recently become part of various organisational operations/processes, we seek to organise from the extant literature the intellectual structure of AI's role in the practice of leadership in contemporary organisations.


The student would be expected to search the academic databases identified, retrieve and organise the bibliography, read abstracts to eliminate and choose relevant articles, and create summary tables/figures.

Skills, knowledge and experience required

Academic writing skills and excellent communication skills, and ability to work independently.

Skills which will be developed during the placement

The student will develop time management skills, bibliometric management using a reference manager, analytical and critical thinking skills.

Place of Work


Hours of Work

8 hour work days (to be negotiated)

Approximate Start and End Dates (not fixed)

Monday 07 June 2021 - Friday 16 July 2021

How to Apply

The post will be advertised centrally on the UROP website between 22nd February and 9th April 2021. Applicants to send in a written essay of any coursework done at the university in order to demonstrate writing skills. A CV would also be expected and shortlisted applicants will be invited for interview. Please send directly to the Project Supervisor (click on supervisor name at the top of the page for email).

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