Past Placements - 2021

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A Room for the Night

Supervisor: Henry Russell

School: Henley Business School
Department: Real Estate & Planning

An invesigation into the historic provision of hospitality in Henley-on-Thames

Acceptability of a new music-based early intervention for autism.

Supervisor: Tom Loucas

School: School of Psychology & Clinical Language Sciences
Department: Clinical Language Sciences

Music-assisted programmes (MAP) are a novel way to increase language in young autistic children. Feasibility is currently being evaluated. MAP is delivered by parents trained in the intervention via telehealth. This project aims to capture the parent experience of MAP. This important aspect of feasibility will inform development of a future clinical trial.

An Exploration of the Under-representation of Women in Economics Degrees

Supervisor: Fangya Xu

School: School of Politics Economics & International Relations
Department: Economics

This project aims to uncover the reasons why there is an under-representation of women in the UK in Economics focusing on higher education and comparing the case in China where there is an over-representation of women in economics. The project will utilise primary survey data.

Applying the Bell Foundation EAL Assessment Framework in practice: real world examples for teachers and parents.

Supervisor: Anna Tsakalaki

School: Institute of Education
Department: Technical Support Unit

This placement will aim to collect real world data to create a database of learning profiles of learners of English as an Additional Language (EAL) using the Bell Foundation EAL Assessment Framework. Volunteer teachers in local schools will collectively document the progress of children in primary and secondary education who are new to English in the period of a year (Jan 2021-Jan 2022).

Architectural Imaginaries: Architectural design and science fiction

Supervisor: Amy Butt

School: School of the Built Environment
Department: Architecture

This project will produce an ‘architecture and science fiction’ publication, containing science fiction research and design activities for young people to explore imagined futures through architectural design. It will involve working with science fiction scholars and the social enterprise STORE to inspire young designers interested in shaping our built future.

Are students being over-assessed? An empirical analysis of the UK higher education (HE) sector.

Supervisor: Minyan Zhu

School: School of Politics Economics & International Relations
Department: Economics

This project will carry out an empirical investigation as to how assessment practice/regulations vary across UK HE institutions and over time, and to what extent have such variations explained the variations in student learning experiences /outcomes across institutions. Findings will provide evidence-based guidance to future assessment regulation/policy at Reading.

Artificial Intelligence in Leadership Practice: A Systematic Literature Review on its Occurrence and Use.

Supervisor: Dr Lebene Soga

School: Henley Business School
Department: Leadership Organisations & Behaviour

This systematic review will show how artificial intelligence (AI) has been studied in the leadership literature and how it is deployed in practice. It seeks to understand from empirical studies what AI applications are deployed, how and why they have become embedded in managerial practices.

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