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University 2020-21 Diversity & Inclusion Calendar

Diversity & Inclusion calendar 2020-21

We are pleased to share the University's 2020-21 Diversity & Inclusion Calendar.

This is our second D&I calendar developed in partnership with Diversiton, following the launch of our first calendar last year.

Last month, many colleagues and students held and participated in various digital events to mark Black History Month. Our D&I calendar aims to raise awareness around important dates throughout the academic year, including holy days, special events, festivals and cultural celebrations.

Our calendar is also unique to the University of Reading, and as such, also shares details of the University's D&I activities. We hope it can help you plan D&I activities within your own School or Function each month.

The PDF calendar is free for you to download and print, or link to from your School/Function webpages or your own Outlook signature.

You can download the 2020-21 Diversity & Inclusion Calendar via this link.

We also have an Outlook version that adds dates directly to your Outlook calendar. You can download this via this link.

The downloaded file for the Outlook version will show up as ‘University-of-Reading-Outlook-Inclusion-Calendar-2021-License-no-18211'. Once you have installed it, the calendar will be available under the ‘Other Calendars' option in Outlook.

For any further information or queries, please contact

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