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What to do if a student reports they are unwell

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What do I do if a student becomes unwell on campus?

If a student reports that they have any of the symptoms of coronavirus they must go home ((to their student/term time accommodation, or where they are currently residing) immediately and:

  1. Get a test as soon as possible
  2. Stay at home until they have their test result
  3. Tell all members of their household that they should self-isolate pending the results of the test

Please remind the student that they can access their live interactive online teaching sessions for their programme while they are self-isolating and that further information and advice is published on the Essentials webpages.

There is no need to do anything further until the student receives their test result (see below).

What should students do if they have a positive test result for COVID-19?

If a student receives a positive test result for COVID-19 they must:

  • Follow all government advice to self-isolate (stay at home)
  • Follow all instructions from the NHS and engage with theTest & Trace system(including advising Test & Trace that they are connected to the University)
  • Notify the University using our online form
  • Report their absence to their School in the usual way (or contact their Support Centre or Henley Helpdesk if they're not sure how to do this)
  • If they live in University halls, they should use the Home at Halls app to notify the team so they can provide support
  • Let all members of their household know, as they will need to self-isolate in line with government advice

We will liaise with our local health partners for further advice on any further action required. We will also appoint a Case Officer (Hall Warden or member of the Student Welfare Team) to liaise with the household affected and ensure they have everything they need for the self-isolation period.

Colleagues must not share information with other students or staff - - this information is personal to the student and should be treated confidentially by you. It is the role of NHS Test & Trace to notify students and/or colleagues to self-isolate where this is appropriate. Taking action yourself risks giving advice that may be contrary to that of Public Health England, as their advice will depend on the broader context within the University and in the Reading area.

The University has in place procedures to manage the liaison with Public Health England and the Local Authority, to share information appropriately and lawfully, to provide welfare and pastoral support to students and to communicate with relevant groups of staff and students in an effective and timely way.

What should I do if a student says they are struggling to manage with their self-isolation?

Please ask the student to contact our COVID-19 Support & Behaviour Team in Student Services (, or contact them directly on behalf of the student. They will either provide advice for the student directly or liaise with the Student Welfare Team to deploy additional support via the SoS (Support our Students) Scheme, our Campus Commerce Team or another mechanism.

What should I do if a student reports that they are worried about the behaviour of another group of students who are breaching the COVID-19 guidelines?

Please ask the student to contact our COVID-19 Support & Behaviour Team in Student Services ( to report their concern. They will provide further advice.

What should I do if a student mentions they are in a clinically vulnerable group and have concerns about their health?

Please ask the student to seek medical advice from their GP to understand the risks in relation to their condition, or contact the Disability Advisory Team for further advice.

All of the above advice is also available on the COVID-19 safeguards and restrictions FAQ page.

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