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IDAHOBIT Day: virtual flag raising ceremony

Colour photograph of rainbow flag


Each year, we acknowledge the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT) on 17 May. To mark this day, we start with a quote from our Co-Chairs of the LGBT+ Staff Network, Professor Alina Tryfonidou and Dr Ruvi Ziegler:

“While we have witnessed significant legal advances in LGBT+ equality in parts of the world, there remain many places where LGBT+ persons are not free to live, thrive, and be partnered to whomever they wish. LGBT+ persons' experiences are shaped globally by criminal sanctions and oppression, social barriers, intolerance, and unwillingness to accept and recognise them for they are. Therefore, IDAHOBIT is fundamentally important as it is a day that gives the LGBT+ community and its allies the world over the opportunity to celebrate the social and political advancements in LGBT+ equality but also to reflect on the work that remains to be done for true LGBT+ equality. It is, also, a great opportunity for employers – like the University of Reading – to help raise awareness about tackling LGBT+ discrimination and show support by being visible allies.”

RUSU Diversity Officer, Zeid Sharif says:

"IDAHOBIT is a reminder for us to stand together for freedom of expression. It is crucial we live in a world where the expressions of the majority don’t shadow the words of the minority. Everyone deserves to love the people they care about without needing to justify it, love is love and all love is equal."

Our Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, Dr Allán Laville says:

“IDAHOBIT is a time to reflect on why we must continue our work to erase homophobia, biphobia and transphobia from society. This is central to our #NeverOK campaign and our work on raising awareness of microaggressions (LINK TO MICROAGGRESSION POSTER). Together, we can support our inclusive and diverse community to be free from discrimination.”

Our Deputy Vice Chancellor and UEB Champion for LGBT+, Professor Parveen Yaqoob says:

“IDAHOBIT is an opportunity for those leading an organisation to stand as visible allies in solidarity against violence and discrimination experienced by LGBT+ people across the world. It’s an opportunity to promote inclusivity and inspire a culture of tolerance.”

To mark IDAHOBIT day, there will be a virtual flag raising at 11:00 today (Friday 15 May). If you’d like to attend please contact the Internal Communications team.


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