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COVID-19 Research Grants and Contracts Update

Covid-19 Research Grants and Contracts Update

RES has published a web page containing advice on Funder policies and contingency plans for grants and contracts in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most major research grant funders (including UKRI and the EU) have now published advice for grant holders concerned about the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on their grants. All are taking a pragmatic approach and will approve extensions, and potentially cover additional costs incurred, where work has been directly affected by COVID-19.

Examples of disruption could be:

  • Not being able to travel to countries to carry out the research due to travel restrictions or health reasons
  • Collaborators being unable to travel to the UK.

Different guidance will apply if you are within 3 to 6 months of completion of your grant, or if you still have more than 6 months of funding to run.

Supervisors should note that PhD students will continue to receive their stipends throughout this period, even if the project has to pause temporarily, and they will not be financially disadvantaged.

The RES page also gives advice if you have a contract with an external organisation to deliver a set piece of research, consultancy or technical services, and about forthcoming application deadlines.

The page will be regularly updated - please check back again as needed:

Covid-19 Research Grants and Contracts update >>>


Support from RES and Research Accounts

RES and Research Accounts staff are now working from home and aim to maintain business as usual as far as applications, contracts, offer acceptance/project set up, and grant finance queries are concerned.

Please contact the team via email as per normal.

Given that colleagues may become ill and there may be staff shortages, we are asking all staff to give us as much time and notice as possible for all requests, particularly for grant applications, and to adhere to the internal 5 working day deadline. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to respond to proposals and requests at short notice during times of significant staff shortage.


Anne-Marie van Dodeweerd

Head of Research Services

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