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Health and Life Sciences building update

Colour photograph of interior view of Health and Life Sciences building

Work on our new Health and Life Sciences building is progressing well. Colleagues who have passed by the site will have noticed that windows and exterior cladding is now complete. Insulation has been fitted to the towers that hold the lift shafts, which will be finished to resemble the rest of the building.

Most of the interior walls have been erected to all floors creating the interior lay out of the building. In many areas the dry walls have been plastered and for those surfaces that are already finished signs of the finished building are beginning to appear as services like heating and electricity are installed. Along with this the first interior fixtures are starting to be appear, such as wall panelling to some rooms.




With the completion of layout inside the interior fit out of the building can proceed with the project scheduled to be completed in late 2019. The project demonstrates the University commitment to 2026: TRANSFORM capital investment programme, with £60m being invested to bring about closer integration of the school.

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