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People Plan Programme: "I saw this as an opportunity to make positive change"

Colour portrait photograph of Nasreen Majid

Leadership and management behaviours is one of the key projects of the People Plan programme. Members of the People Plan Board have been working alongside the University Executive Board and leaders across the University to shape a working model on leadership and management behaviours. Feedback from our 2017 Staff Survey and subsequent focus groups have also informed the project. The working model will be explored and discussed with the Leadership Group as a whole with a view to it being rolled out in late 2018.

We caught up with People Plan Board member Nasreen Majid who has been involved in the Leadership and Management Behaviours project to find out more:

“I volunteered for the People Plan programme to be involved more directly with the University and saw this as an opportunity to make positive change and have my voice heard as well as a wider opportunity to integrate the Institute of Education with the University.

“Being part of this network has enabled me to get to know colleagues from other parts of the University and understand the structure of the University better. Acknowledging that change hadn’t necessarily been managed well in the past it was a good start to unpacking leadership and development.

“The first meeting of the People Plan Programme Board could have been informal and introductory – before moving to one with a formal agenda – but we all had a frank and candid discussion. Good management of meetings enabled a very organic process of listening and developing ideas and seeing change being mobilised from the bottom up was an empowering process for me. The diverse group of people provide perspective and different expertise, which enables change better. All views were respected and I feel that ideas will translate into actions.”

Nasreen Majid is a lecturer in primary mathematics at the Institute of Education.

This is the first of a series of articles updating the activity of the People Plan Programme in which there will be a summary of the project to date as well as a personal view from one of those involved.


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