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2018 Travel survey findings published

2018 Travel Survey

Earlier this year, the University held its bi-annual Staff and Student Travel Survey, which provides staff and students a platform to share their views on all things travel. 

Our Sustainability Services team have been busily analysing the results, and have recently released a report detailing the results of the 2018 survey. 

The findings have been summarised in a handy blog post, which includes information on how staff and students travel to and from campus, common feedback themes and actions to be considered following the survey results. 

The findings are also available in full in the 2018 Staff and Student Travel Survey report.

Some of the key feedback themes included:

  • On campus routes – complaints reduced for routes that have been widened.
  • Off-campus routes and pedestrian crossings outside campus entrances are a key concern.
  • Availability and quality of showers, changing facilities and lockers was a frequently cited barrier to walking and cycling.
  • Working from home was frequently cited as an ‘occasional travel mode’. Perceptions of levels of support for this in office culture and IT facilities varies greatly across the University.
  • Buses – concerns expressed over peak-time overcrowding, out of term services and alterations to route 19 (now Route 12).
  • Awareness of car club and car sharing needs improvement.

You can find out more about travel options at our Sustainable Travel page. If you have any queries, please contact

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