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Environmental sustainability at Reading: achievements from 2011 to 2016

Environmental sustainability at Reading

Sustainability Services has released a review of the University’s achievements over the past five years against a series of ambitious environmental targets. 

The University aspires to be a leader in reducing its impacts on the local as well as global environment, by embedding a culture of sustainability throughout its teaching, research and operations.

Several ambitious internal targets have been set to help achieve this vision for the future. The guide, ‘Environmental Sustainability at Reading 2016’ sets out the key achievements between 2011 and 2016, and covers themes including environmental compliance, waste, carbon and water management, sustainable travel and biodiversity. It also sets out changes made to everyday operations such as IT, catering and hospitality, teaching and research, procurement and communication.          

Key achievements over the past five years include:  

  • Achieved a recycling rate of 50% for the University’s waste.
  • Carbon emissions reduced by 35% against 2008/09 baseline.
  • 1% year-on-year reduction in single occupancy car travel to campus.
  • Average 15% year-on-year increase of bus passengers to campus.

Take a look at the full guide>>>

We are tremendously proud of our achievements to date, but this really is just the starting point – we are already working towards further improvements and goals for the next five years, including:

  • Five-year Waste Strategy to 2020/21.
  • 45% carbon reduction target by 2020/21 against 2008/09 baseline.
  • Five-year transport strategy to promote sustainable modes of transport.
  • Creation of campus routes masterplan for Whiteknights.
  • Develop sustainable procurement skills for staff across University.

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