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Staff Survey to launch Monday 6 March

Staff survey 2017

The University of Reading will launch a major staff survey on Monday 6 March. 

Vice-Chancellor Sir David Bell wrote to all members of staff this morning outlining the purpose of the survey:

  • The 2017 Staff Survey is an opportunity for all colleagues to help shape the future of the University.
  • Over 4,000 staff, across three continents, will be invited to share views on what is and isn’t working well and what needs to improve. 
  • As a university we are proud of our thriving community of staff, students and alumni – we want to build on our strengths so that we continue to make this an exciting and rewarding place to work. 
  • Feedback will be completely confidential – the survey will be managed by an independent specialist provider, and no one at the University will have access to identifiable data or completed questionnaires.
  • Staff are encouraged to be open and honest. The University’s Leadership Group – the University Executive Board, Heads of School, Heads of Service and Heads of Function – is listening, and will act on feedback in an open and transparent manner.
  • The survey findings and a University-level action plan in response to key issues will be shared with all staff.  Schools, Services and Functions will be encouraged to develop their own action plans in response to local issues.   
  • The 2017 survey will be followed up with a targeted survey in 2018 to measure progress, with a second detailed and full staff survey in 2019. 

Further information will be shared over the coming weeks, including how to complete the survey.  

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