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Recruitment is closed for this study

Nitrate and Nitrite (or NOx) are compounds commonly found in many foods. A large body of evidence suggests that short-term consumption of dietary nitrate can have beneficial effects on markers of cardiovascular health such as blood pressure. Although some studies have tried to assess the potential benefits over-time, there are several limitations to the current methods used to measure nitrate intake. This study will try to create a method which can measure nitrate intake by measuring levels within urine.


  • Healthy, non-smoker, aged 18-40 years
  • Exercise regularly (≥ 3 time per week)
  • Consumes a vegan diet OR consume fish regularly (≥2 times per week).
  • Willing to give urine and saliva samples
  • Willing to consume a low nitrate diet
  • Participate in a 4 day study including 1 hour of exercise and consumption of a beetroot drink