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Food Additives - Archive Page

Providing information on the perocess of adopting the current controlsu. For the current controls, see: Improvement Agents: Food Additives

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Development of EU Controls 2006-2008

In July 2006, the Commission published a set of four proposed Regulations which would replace the current system and provide a common basis for controls on food additives, food flavourings and food enzymes. They were adopted by the Council of Ministers in November 2008 and published in the Official Journal on 31 December 2008.


The proposals were published as Commission Documents as follows:

Amended proposals were published by the Commission in October 2007:

Following the adoption of Common Positions by the Council of Ministers (10th March 2008), on the 11th March 2008 the Commission published 3 communications:

Following the European Parliament's 2nd Reading (8th July 2008), on 16th October 2008 the Commission published 4 opinions:

The adopted regulations were published in the Official Journal on 31 December 2008. They entered into force on various dates from 20 January 2009 until 20 January 2011:

News Items

The following are links to news items available on this site relating to the progress of the proposals, the adoption of the controls and subsequent related developments:

Progress of the proposals

Adoption of the Regulations

Subsequent Developments

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