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Zoology from the very start

When choosing a university to study zoology, Polly wanted to explore a variety of zoological topics such as invertebrate zoology, animal behaviour, marine biology, and conservation. The BSc Zoology with Professional Experience at the University of Reading was perfect for her.

“I chose zoology at Reading because it let me explore my interests from the start. You start learning about animals straight away, unlike other courses.”

Polly also wanted the opportunity to test-drive a potential career before graduating, which is why the professional experience element of the course intrigued her.

Polly's placement year

In her second year, Polly did a year-long placement at Woburn Safari Park, working with both the research and animal-keeping teams.

“The experience was great as I got to apply what I’d learnt beyond the university walls. I worked on three different animal sections at the park, especially enjoying the large carnivores like lions, tigers, bears, wolves, and the big hoofstock in the reserve section.”

Her placement prepared her for life after university and allowed her to network in her chosen field.

“My placement gave me invaluable experience and helped me meet many new people in that world of work."

At Reading, all students have to opportunity to conduct a year-long placement between their second and final year.

“The School of Biological Sciences has great relationships with employers in the field and you have support within the school to apply for your placement. All students can do a placement as part of their degree, it feels like missing out if you don’t do one!”

Reading students in previous years have worked on industrial and summer placements at the RSPCA, Wildfowl and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust (BBOWT), The Environmental Agency, and Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT).

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