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Our logo

Our logo represents the University nationally and internationally. It therefore represents our reputation, our values and ethos. That’s why it appears on most University of Reading communications.

Logo FAQs

Q: Please can you send me the logo?

A: In most cases, we do not send the logo out to staff. If you are creating files yourself they should be based on our Microsoft Office templates and so the logo is already contained in the file.

If you are trying to create promotional material, this should be done by a design professional through one of our design routes, not by university staff themselves.

If you need the logo to send to a third party institution that you are collaborating with, we can issue the logo (along with associated guidelines for use) direct to that institution or their graphic design team. Please send us the email address of the person who needs the file, along with a short outline of the project in question. Please send your email to 

Q: Do I have to use the logo on all university documents?

A: Almost always, but that is not all. Most university documents must also use our layout principles, colour scheme, and other visual identity elements. We do have a corporate font, but this is usually only used for Marketing purposes by our Design team. For all other documentation, we recommend you use Arial or Times New Roman fonts which are readily available in Microsoft Office.

Q: The logo looks a bit small. Can I make it bigger?

A: No. The logo size, the 'unit name' size and the size of the margins on all our Microsoft Office templates is fixed. The most important (and therefore the largest) element on any document is the core message (usually a combination of heading and sub-heading). The logo should not overpower the message.

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  • Design Studio location: L027, London Road