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More photographs for all

The University's Imagebank is a searchable collection of University-specific images which are free to download: from research, people, places and events to our historical collections.

CPS maintain and develop the Imagebank for the good of the University. With this in mind all photographic shoots, both internal and external, will be added to the Imagebank, normally within one week of the shoot. Currently there are ten thousand images available, but we are always adding more. Because favourite images can get overused and campus changes so fast, it's vital to ensure that this central resource is as up-to-date and as complete as possible.

Our contracted photographic suppliers submit all their photographic work, through CPS, and each shoot is considered for the University's Imagebank. This ensures the images are properly backed up and that there is maximum return on any University investment in photography, whether it's on or off campus.

We all want to see a high level of professional images being used. The University would like everyone to participate.


Feel free to register, have a browse and send us suggestions about what might be added.

Contact sheets of recent photoshoots

A recent addition to the Imagebank is a category of 'Contact sheets of recent photoshoots' taken by the CPS or one of the externally approved photography suppliers.

Browse thousands of original files and see what different photographers offer.

Selected images from each photoshoot are on the Imagebank as linked assets and can be searched for normally. To save server costs not all shots are available for direct download. If you wish to use an image from one of the contact sheets please mail a request to stating the asset title / ID, filename and the intended use.

Adding your own photos

If you have any taken any personal photographs and wish them to be considered for the Imagebank please email them to Any small groups or individuals in your photos must sign a consent form. Please send this form, along with your written approval for the University to use the images, to

If we don't have what you're looking for we can shoot it for you.

If you want to purchase an image from an Image Library, or want to book a photoshoot, please log a job or call Owen Williams on 3882.

Purchasing images from a Library are subject to a fee, which will be charged to your project code.

Contact us
  • 0118 378 8085
  • Print Workshop location: TOB2, Earley Gate, Whiteknights (Building 21)
  • Design Studio location: L027, London Road