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Ian Jones

Portrait of Ian Jones

Professor of Virology



  • Part 1: Introductory Microbiology
  • Part 2: Virology, Immunology
  • Part 3: Viruses as Pathogens, Cancer, Use and Abuse of the Microbial World 

Research centres and groups

Research projects

  • Funding from MRC, DEFRA, Wellcome Trust, WHO, BMGF
  • Structure/function relationships of virus structural proteins
  • Improved vaccine candidates for Influenza, Polio and Foot and Mouth Disease.
  • Targeted antigen processing
  • Rapid diagnostics
  • Expression technologies

Awards and honours

Esteem Factors

  • Editorial Board, Virus Research
  • External Evaluator for Wellcome Trust
  • External Evaluator for EU ERASynBio project
  • Member of Medical Research Council Infectious and Immunity Board.
  • Plenary Speaker: Cold Spring Harbor Asia's "Emerging Infectious Diseases", China: International Conference for Bioeconomy, China

Selected publications

Pre 2003

Jones, I.M. (2002) Prions show their metal. Chemistry in Britain Vol 38, No.4, April 2002.

Chapple, S.D.J. and Jones, I.M. (2002) Non-polar distribution of green fluorescent protein on the surface of Autographa californica nucleopolyhedrovirus using a heterologous membrane anchor. Journal of Biotechnology 95, 269–275.

Deayton, J.R., Sabin, C.A., Britt W.B., Jones, I.M., Wilson P., Johnson, M.A. Griffiths, P.D., and Emery,V.C. (2002) Rapid reconstitution of humoral immunity against cytomegalovirus but not HIV following highly active antiretroviral therapy. AIDS. 8, 2129-2135.

Kakker, N.K., Mikhailov, M.V., Nermut, M.V. Jones, I.M. and Roy, P. (2002) Comparative analysis of the roles of simian immunodeficiency and bovine leukemia virus matrix proteins in Gag assembly in insect cells. Virology 299, 48-55

Lu, W., Chapple, S.D.J. Lissini O. and Jones I. M. (2002) Characterisation of a truncated soluble form of the baculovirus major envelope protein gp64. Protein Expression and Purification 24, 196-201.

Nermut, M.V., Zhang, W-H., Francis, G. Morikawa, Y. and Jones, I.M. (2002) Time course of Gag protein assemblyin HIV-1 infected cells: a study by immunoelectron microscopy. Virology 305, 219-27.

Other Publications online publication

Impact, enterprise and outreach

  • Stimulation of influenza antibody titres by targeting antigen processing cells
  • Development of novel VLP vaccine for FMDV
  • Development of novel VLP vaccine for enterovirus 71 and Poliovirus
  • Interviews with BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio Berkshire and BBC News 24


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