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Andrew Bicknell

Portrait of Andrew Bicknell
  • School Director of Teaching and Learning
  • Admissions tutor for BSc Biomedical Sciences  

Areas of interest

  • Role of POMC derived and tachykinins peptides in the regulation of adrenal, adipocyte and platelet function.
  • Purification of peptide and protein hormones.
  • Development and purification of antibodies. 


  • Part 1: Genes and Chromosomes, Pathology: Introduction to Human Disease
  • Part 2: Immunology, Endocrinology, Recombinant DNA exercise
  • Part 3: Selected topics in Endocrinology and Endocrine Disease, Mammalian Reproduction,              Therapeutics 3
  • Masters: MRes in Biomedical Research.

Research centres and groups

 International Collaborators
  • Dr. Hugh Bennett, Montreal, Canada.
  • Dr Patrick McDonough, Vala Biosciences, San Diego, USA.

National Collaborators

  • Dr Peter King, William Harvey Research Institute, London
  • Dr Dominic Cavlan, William Harvey Research Institute, London.

Selected publications

Pre 2003

Bicknell AB (2002) Identification of a receptor for N-POMC peptides Endo Res 28 309-314.

Bicknell AB and Lowry PJ (2002) Adrenal growth is controlled by expression of specific proopiomelanocortin serine protease in the outer adrenal cortex. Endo Res 28 589-595.

Omer S, Lomthaisong K and Bicknell AB (2002) Identification of two alternate splice variants of a novel serine protease expressed in steroidogenic tissues Endo Res 28 339-348.

Neville SE, Baigent SM, Bicknell AB, Lowry PJ and Gladwell RT (2002) Hox gene expression in adult tissues with particular reference to the adrenal gland. Endo Res 28 669-673.

Bicknell AB (2002) Identification of the protease that cleaves pro-gamma-MSH: the dawning of a new era in adrenal physiology. J Endocrinology 172 405-410.

Bicknell AB, Lomthaisong K, Woods RJ, Hutchinson EG, Bennett HPJ, Gladwell RT, and Lowry PJ (2001) Characterization of a serine protease that cleaves pro-g-melanotropin at the adrenal to stimulate growth. Cell 105 903-912

Bicknell AB, Lomthaisong K, Gladwell RT, and Lowry PJ (2000) Agouti related protein expression in the adrenal cortex. implications for novel autocrine mechanisms modulating the actions of pro-opiomelanocortin peptides. J Neuroend 12 977-982.

Bicknell AB and Lowry PJ (2000) Pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC). In: Fink, G ed. Encyclopedia of Stress San Diego:Academic Press pp 257-265.

Bicknell AB, Savva D and Lowry PJ (1996) POMC and adrenal function. Endo Res 22 385-393.

Impact, enterprise and outreach

  • Supplied antibodies and POMC peptides to various labs around the world.
  • Purified snake venom proteins that are potential therapeutic targets.
  • Various outreach activities for A-level students.


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