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Project Pedagogy

One of the aims of the ASSET project was to research the possible benefits, for both staff and students, of using video and audio for feedback and feed-forward.

Staff and students were asked to complete a questionnaire before they used the ASSET resource in their teaching and learning. The purpose of this first survey was to get an insight into the views, preferences, understanding and experience of current assessment and feedback practices of both staff and students. The team did not want this initial questionnaire to influence how the ASSET resource would be used by staff and students so care was taken not to include questions that focussed too narrowly on specific types of assessment or feedback.

Staff pre-use questionnaire

Student pre-use questionnaire

A second survey was sent out after staff and students had used the resource and focus groups were used to collect further data. In this way we hoped to gather evidence of the usefulness (or not!) of video feedback as a resource for improving the timeliness and quality of feedback and feed-forward to students, and for increasing students' engagement with feedback and feed-forward for learning.

Staff post-use questionnaire

Student post-use questionnaire

Staff and student focus group questions