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Video Feedback at Plymouth

The aim of this project was to realise the benefits from the ASSET project at Reading University in another university to explore the challenges of transferring the technology and approach to another institution.

ASSET addresses an activity that has received a critical focus recently, that of assessment feedback to students. In national surveys, students complain that feedback is neither timely nor useful in many cases. There are many reasons why assessment feedback is not timely and that is tied up with tutor workload and lack of understanding of how to deliver meaningful feedback.

The ASSET project at Reading originally aimed to make feedback more rapid and engaging. Written feedback suffers from the fact that text rarely conveys all the nuances that is usually trying to be put across by the person doing the writing. The best option for conveying feedback is obviously face to face communication but that is not always practical. Video, where there is both the spoken word and visuals, though not as effective as personal meetings, offers more than text alone. Initial findings at Reading showed that staff and students enjoyed using video for feedback and the purpose of the BR project was to focus on implementing the system at Plymouth and sharing those experiences with others who might adopt the system.

The full report for the ASSET Benefits Realisation project at Plymouth is available here.