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Dr Anna Macready
Job Title:
Lecturer in Consumer Behaviour and Marketing
    • Programme Director & Admissions Tutor, BSc Consumer Behaviour and Marketing
    • Programme Advisor, MSc Consumer Behaviour
    • BSc module convenor for Individual Project (Dissertation)
    • MSc module convenor for 2019 entry: Nudging & Behaviour Change; Human Motivation
    • Sessional Lecturer for Contemporary Issues in Consumer Behaviour & Marketing; Global Issues in Nutrition & Health; the Agri-Food Training Partnership's Understanding & Influencing Consumer Behaviour; and the Graduate Skills Training Programme.
Areas of Interest:

As a Psychologist and Registered Public Health Nutritionist, I have a broad range of interests in subject areas relating to consumer psychology, behaviour and food. My areas of expertise include human cognition, animal behaviour, health-related behaviour change, ageing, life-style, well-being, and qualitative and quantitative research design and methods.

My current food research focuses on consumer trust, food waste, and consumer adoption of ethically sustainable foods. My work is funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Food, a consortium of 50 partners from leading universities, research centres and businesses in 13 countries. Earlier food and lifestyle research projects include Food4Me, a pan-European FP7 EU-funded project, explored challenges and opportunities for personalised nutrition to bring about healthy positive lifestyle behaviour changes. This research has produced a diverse range of publications in biological sciences, consumer studies, marketing, economics, business development, IT and technology, ethics, law, and communication. Previously, I explored the cognitive, mood and cardiovascular health benefits of fruit and vegetable consumption in the Flavonoids University of Reading study (FLAVURS).

My non-food psychology-related projects include dementia support provision in primary care, the impact of ageing on neuropsychological processes, the non-physical aspects of pain perception, and a diagnosis of organisational culture in a Russian retail organisation. With over 16 years' industry experience in consumer psychology and marketing, I have worked in a variety of organisations including Cargill and International Survey Research (now part of Towers Watson), carrying out consumer, leadership and organisational research. During my consultancy years I worked with a wide range of private and public sector organisations, from Unilever, General Motors and Pinault-Printemps-Redoute to the Department for Education and Skills and The Cabinet Office.

My published work spans health-related behaviour change, Internet behaviour change techniques, consumer perceptions and attitudes, consumer research design and methods, and the influence of age and lifestyle factors on cognition, mood and health. I am interested in supervising PhD projects in any of the above areas, particularly health-related behaviour change techniques, consumer attitudes, consumer trust, and consumer health and well-being.

Professional Affiliations:

  • British Psychological Society
  • Nutrition Society
  • Association for Nutrition: Registered Nutritionist (Public Health)
Research groups / Centres:
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BSc (Hons); MSc (London); MSc (Herts); PhD; MBPsS; RNutr (Public Health)
Dr Anna Macready

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