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Amber has always had a strong interest and passion for animals and wanted to pursue a career working with them, particularly in veterinary medicine. 

“The course offered by the University of Reading aligned with my interests and offered me the knowledge and opportunities needed for a future career. The course is also a good stepping stone for postgraduate studies, which would allow me to progress into veterinary medicine.” 

Developing practical skills 

The wide range of modules on offer made it possible for Amber to tailor the course around her interests. She also developed practical skills that enabled her to use what she’d learned when working directly with animals.

"My favourite modules have been those where we've been on field visits to places such as farms and zoos, collecting data an applying it to our assignments".

First-hand experiences

Visits and placements formed an important part of Amber’s degree programme. They brought her studies to life and allowed her to gain valuable experience for her CV. The wide range of visits on offer showed Amber first-hand some of the challenges and solutions when working with animals.

"I particularly enjoyed visiting The Pirbright Institute which is a research-based facility focusing on preventing infectious disease outbreaks in farm animals. It was interesting to see how biotechnology and biological sciences are used to reduce the risk of a viral outbreak.”

Work experience 

The University’s support for undertaking placements and work experience enabled Amber to gain experience directly in the veterinary sector. 

“I have gained work experience in two different veterinary practices. One, a family-run practice, and the other, a corporate vet that is part of a chain. The work experience was invaluable as I have gained an insight into the working life of a veterinary vet. I now have knowledge and understanding of their day-to-day responsibilities covering everything from surgical produces, and consultations with the pets' owners to maintaining a clean environment. Talking to the vets also gave me a great insight into how they achieved their role, and I was able to gain valuable advice on how to reach my career goals!”

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