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Professor Sokratis Stergiadis

  • Programme Director and Admissions Tutor for BSc Animal Science
  • Module convenor for Introduction to Livestock Production and Digestion and Nutrition
  • Module contributor for Animal Science in Practice 1
  • Supervision, mentorship and tutorship of undergraduate and postgraduate students

Areas of interest

  • Improvement of the sustainability and resilience of livestock production and achievement of the net zero carbon targets
  • Development of solutions for the reduction of livestock greenhouse gas emissions
  • Prediction modelling for livestock greenhouse gas emissions and feed nutritive value
  • Development of dietary strategies to improve nutrient and energy use efficiency in ruminant production
  • Improvement of the nutritional quality (fatty acid, mineral, protein, vitamin, antioxidant, and phytoestrogen profiles) of animal products (milk, meat, eggs) via husbandry, animal diet and crossbreeding practices
  • Effect of crossbreeding on the productivity, efficiency, health and fertility of dairy herds and the nutritional quality of milk, in low-input and pasture-based production systems
  • Unravel the role of rumen microbiome in ruminant metabolism and product quality
  • Applications of metabolomics on animal and food science
  • Assessment of the effect of animal products and plant-based alternatives' consumption on human nutrition.
  • Nutrition management to increase growth rates in dairy calves
  • Rapid on-site forage quality assessments using portable devices

Research centres and groups

  • Department of Animal Sciences
  • Centre for Dairy Research
  • Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health