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Dr Garth Holloway

 Dr Garth Holloway portrait
  • Advisor to BSc students
  • Advisor to MSc students
  • Advisor to PhD students
  • School Librarian
  • Coordinator Bayesian Methods in Theoretical and Applied Research at the University of Reading
  • Summer barbecue event coordinator  

Areas of interest

  • Bayesian Inference
  • Applied Econometrics
  • Agricultural and Food Economics
  • Industrial Organization
  • Economic Development
  • Famine and Food Security


  • Module Convenor: International Development
  • Module Convenor: Consumer Research Methods
  • Module Convenor: Research Methods and Data Analysis
  • Module Convenor: Consumer and Producer Theory
  • Module Convenor: Quantitative Methods

Research centres and groups

  • Centre for Agricultural Strategy
  • Food Economics and Marketing

Research projects

Applications of Bayesian inference and Markov chain Monte Carlo methods to problems in agricultural and food economics, anthropology, development, industrial-organization, genetics and environmental- and natural-resource-economics; hierarchical normal-linear modeling; composed-error modeling; models of economic survival and duration; inference in censored-, discrete-, truncated- and count-data models; spatial models of land-mine clearance, technology adoption, human and livestock disease control; Bayesian ranking and selection with applications to contests.

Professional bodies/affiliations

  • Reviewer, American Journal of Agricultural Economics (1988-).
  • Reviewer, Annual Meetings of the American Agricultural Economics Association (1989-).
  • Reviewer, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (1989-).
  • Discussant, Annual Meetings of the American Agricultural Economics Association (1990).
  • Reviewer, Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics (1990-).
  • Reviewer, Review of Agricultural Economics (1991-).
  • Reviewer, Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (1991-).
  • Organizer, Inaugural Meeting of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis (1993).
  • Reviewer, USDA National Research Initiative Competitive Grants (1993-).
  • Reviewer, Economic Inquiry (1994-).
  • Associate Editor, American Journal of Agricultural Economics (1994-1997).
  • Reviewer, Agribusiness: An International Journal (1995-).
  • Reviewer, European Review of Agricultural Economics (1995-).
  • Organizer, Principal-Papers Session, Annual Meetings of the American Agricultural Economics Association (1996).
  • Organizer and Discussant, Conference on Industrial Organization and the Food-Processing Industry, Universit√© des Sciences Sociales de Toulouse, France (1996).
  • Coordinator, Selected Papers Review, Annual Meetings of the American Agricultural Economics Association (1996).
  • Reviewer, Annual Meetings of the Western Agricultural Economics Association (1997-).
  • Reviewer, International Journal of Industrial Organization (1997-).
  • Reviewer, Journal of Agribusiness (1999-).
  • Reviewer, Agricultural Economics (1999-).
  • Reviewer, Understanding Adoption Processes for Natural Resource Management Practices for Sustainable Agricultural Production in Sub-Saharan Africa. (2000).
  • Organizer, Organized Symposium, Annual Meetings of the American Agricultural Economics Association (2000).
  • Organizer, Frontier Session, Annual Meetings of the American Agricultural Economics Association (2001).
  • Organizer, Principal Papers Session, Annual Meetings of the Canadian Agricultural Economics Society (2001).
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Agri-Food Industrial Organization and Policy (2001-).
  • Reviewer, Journal of Agricultural Economic (2002-).
  • Reviewer, Selected Papers, European Association of Agricultural Economics (2003).
  • Reviewer, European Review of Agricultural Economics (2002-).
  • Reviewer, International Journal of Industrial Organization (2002-).
  • Reviewer, Selected Papers, American Agricultural Economics Association Meetings (2003).
  • Reviewer, Journal of Econometrics (2003-).
  • Reviewer, Oxford Economic Papers (2003-).
  • Reviewer, American Economic Review (2003-).
  • Reviewer, Environment and Resource Economics (2005-).
  • Reviewer, Food Policy (2005-).
  • Reviewer, Environment and Development Economics (2006-).
  • Reviewer, Environmental Modeling and Assessment (2006-).
  • Reviewer, Environmental Modeling and Software (2006-).
  • Reviewer, Environmental Science and Policy (2006-).
  • Reviewer, Food Control (2007-).
  • Reviewer, Papers in Regional Science (2007-).
  • Reviewer, Special Issue, Journal of Regional Science (2007-).
  • Editor, Special Issue, Journal of Agricultural Economics, Spatial Modeling of Bio-Economic and Land-Use Phenomena (2007).
  • Reviewer, Food Control (2007-).
  • Reviewer, The Annals of Economics and Statistics (2007-).
  • Discussant, Public Choice Society meetings (2008).
  • Reviewer, Agribusiness: An International Journal (2008-).
  • Reviewer, European Review of Agricultural Economics (2009-).
  • Reviewer, Regional Studies (2011-).
  • Reviewer, Regional Science (2011-).
  • Reviewer, African Journal of Agricultural Research (2011-).
  • Reviewer, Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography (2011-).
  • Reviewer, Computational Economics (2011-).
  • Reviewer, Journal of Development Studies (2012-).
  • Reviewer, Food Security (2011-).
  • Reviewer, Growth and Change (2012-).
  • Reviewer, Agricultural and Environmental Studies (2012-)
  • Reviewer, Environmental research Letters (2013-).


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