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How do the programmes work?

Programmes follow the university academic year, from the beginning of October to the end of July.  Once you have registered for your programme you will be supplied with the appropriate PFP materials on a CD, along with a user name and password for the course website.  You will be authorised to install the CD on to your computer and you will be allocated to a tutor.  The course website has areas for information, announcements and discussion for your own tutor group and for all students on your course.  You will be able to seek help from your tutor by telephone or e-mail at any reasonable time but a specific period each week will be allocated as tutorial time for your group.  During these periods your tutor and tutor group will work together on-line to discuss the material.  The course schedules will be on the website and assignments will be posted on the site from time to time.  These assignments should be submitted to your tutor electronically or via conventional mail; they will be returned to you by the same route.  The standard electronic communication route is by PC Microsoft Word and its Equation Editor.  Where this is not available or familiar to you then submission by conventional mail is fine.  Assessment of the programme will be by these assignments and by a Final Examination, held in Reading in July.  The PFP has an associated residential Laboratory School, in Reading in the Easter vacation.  This is a 10 CAT point programme but it supplies an important laboratory element of the physics and may be required when the programme is to be used for accreditation.

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