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Module CodeModule TitleTerms TaughtECTS credits
AR2F14Artefacts in ArchaeologyAutumn 5
AR2F17Forensic Archaeology and Crime Scene AnalysisSpring 5
AR2P23Ice and Fire: The European PalaeolithicAutumn 10
AR2R8Rome's Mediterranean EmpireSpring 10
AR2S4Archaeological ScienceSpring 5
AR2T2"Archaeologies: Past, Present and Future"Autumn 5
AR3M7The Archaeology of CrusadingAutumn 10
AR3P1The NeanderthalsSpring 10
AR3P13Emergence of Civilisation in MesopotamiaSpring 10
AR3R9Archaeology of the City of RomeAutumn 10
AR3S18Human Activities in Settlements and LandscapesAutumn 10
AR3V1Vikings in the WestSpring 10
GV1A3Chemistry of the Earth and EnvironmentAutumn 5
GV1B1Introduction to Environmental ScienceAutumn 5
GV1BGEBiogeography and EcologySpring 5
GV1CClimatologyAutumn 5
GV1CIGContemporary Issues in Human GeographySpring 10
GV1DHydrologySpring 5
GV1DEOur Dynamic EarthSpring 5
GV1E1Soils in the EnvironmentAutumn 5
GV1GSGeomorphologyAutumn 5
GV1HGIIntroducing Human GeographyAutumn Spring 10
GV1HGTTheories and Debates in Human GeographyAutumn Spring 10
GV1QSIntroduction to Quaternary Science.Autumn 5
GV2ASDAnalysing Social DataAutumn 5
GV2CIP"Culture, Identity and Place"Autumn 5
GV2ECHEnvironmental ChemistrySpring 5
GV2EGSEnvironment Governance for Sustainable DevelopmentAutumn 5
GV2EREnergy ResourcesAutumn 5
GV2F4Soil Ecology and FunctionsAutumn 5
GV2GREGeological ResourcesSpring 5
GV2GRO"Growth, Degrowth and Sustainability"Autumn 5
GV2H1Geographies of DevelopmentSpring 5
GV2HYHydrological ProcessesAutumn 5
GV2M5Quaternary Global Climate ChangeSpring 5
GV2MESMonitoring the Earth from SpaceAutumn 10
GV344Culture and Development in AfricaSpring 10
GV3APAir Pollution: Effects and ControlAutumn 10
GV3CCClimate ChangeSpring 10
GV3CPS"Consumption, Politics and Space"Autumn 10
GV3DLADrugs, Development and Democracy in Latin AmericaSpring 10
GV3DLEDryland Environments.Autumn 10
GV3EDLEnvironment and Development in Latin AmericaSpring 10
GV3ENTGeographies of EnthusiasmSpring 10
GV3ESMEcosystems ModellingAutumn 10
GV3EVPEnvironmental Pollution.Autumn 5
GV3I7Carbon and Global ChangeAutumn 5
GV3JLD"Global Justice, Labour and Development"Autumn 10
GV3RIPGeographies of DeathAutumn 10
GV3TRC"Tropical Rainforests, Climate & Lost Civilisations"Spring 10
GV3WATWater PoliticsSpring 10
GVMAPAir Pollution: Effects and ControlAutumn 10
GVMCCClimate ChangeSpring 10
GVMENVCEnvironmental ConsultancySpring 10
GVMEPMEnvironmental and Pollution MicrobiologyAutumn 5
GVMEVPEnvironmental PollutionAutumn 5
GVMLASPLaboratory Analysis of Soils and PollutantsAutumn 5
GVMPBEPollutant Behaviour in the EnvironmentAutumn Spring 10
GVMPFFPreparing For FloodsSpring 5
GVMQADQuantitative Analysis of Environmental DataAutumn 5
GVMTPC"Tropical Forests, Climate and Land Use Through Time"Spring 10
GVMWENMWaste and Environmental ManagementSpring 5
MC1HPE"Museum History, Policy and Ethics"Spring 10
MC1PPPresenting the PastAutumn 10
MC2CCMCuratorship and Collections ManagementSpring 10
MC2LEMuseum Learning and EngagementAutumn 10

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