How we teach you

Teaching in Modern Languages and European Studies is delivered through a combination of language classes, informal seminars and lectures.

Language teaching is a core part of most of our programmes and is taught in small groups by experienced staff, many of whom are native speakers. Students will have the opportunity to develop their skills as versatile linguists through speaking, listening, writing, learning grammar, and translating. Programmes in French, German and Italian are tailored to different levels of lingustic ability on student entry, with beginners programmes offered in German and Italian. Students can further develop their skills independently in the brand new Self-Access Language Centre.

'Culture' modules are taught in the first year by a mixture of formal lectures and small-group seminars. In the second and fourth years, you will normally be taught in small groups for all modules and where lectures are used they are of an informal nature. Students in a lecture

We encourage full class participation within all teaching situations, giving you the opportunity to practice or consolidate what you are being taught through interaction with your tutor/lecturer and peers.

Most of our teaching is assessed by a mixture of coursework and formal examination.

Students have the opportunity to complete a dissertation towards the end of their programme, which allows them to prepare an extended piece of work based on supervised independent study. 

First-class resources support world-class teaching. Helping students to succeed

 "I can honestly say that it has been a really educational and invaluable experience. They offer a broad range of different courses - I have always found it quite difficult to decide whic ones to pick as there were often quite a few that i would have liked to take"  Emma Quin, German

"Throughout the course, you recieve first-rate language training, which equips you with a high-level of competence in Italian (even if you learned the language from scratch, as I did)." Simon Drugan, Italian and English Literature.

"I started my degree in 2009 with great enthusiasm - and it has not let me down. This degree programme has lived up to all expectations as it is highly versatile, interesting and very unique." Linda Vuorinen, European Studies with French and Italian.

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