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General queries

For any general queries in relation to visa nationals and the University of Reading, or if you are unsure as to who to contact in relation to your query, please contact Katie Robertson,
telephone: +44 (0) 118 378 8270

For topic specific queries relating to visa nationals please refer to the list and contact details/links below:

Academic visitors

If you have a general query in relation to an academic visitor please contact Katie Robertson.


The University has a clear admissions policy that covers home, EU and international students. The policy contains information on English language requirements and required evidence. For further details on the University's Admissions policy please contact Admissions.

Automated visa reminders for students

Visa national students can only study with us if they have a valid visa that covers their period of study, and the University has a copy of this visa on their record. If students extend their studies, have periods of suspension, or change course they can be in a position where their original visa does not cover the remaining length of their course. Students can apply to extend their visa (see visa extension/renewal below). To remind students when their visa is within 3 months of expiry the University has in place an automated visa chasing and reminder process run through RISIS. Emails are automatically issued to students as appropriate with clear guidelines as to the action they need to take and who they can approach for guidance.

Attendance records

Regular and appropriate attendance has been a University requirement for many years as outlined in our current 'Regulations for Conduct' and 'Statement of Learner Responsibilities'.

Schools will record the attendance of students in a manner which is appropriate to their school and the degree programmes within it, based around expected contact points throughout the academic year.  For further information on attendance records please email:

Bank letters

The Student Help Desk can produce bank letters for students who require them.  Students should go to the Student Help Desk in the Carrington Building.  

Current student support

The University's Senior International Student Adviser, Matt Daley, is based at the Student Help Desk, Carrington Building. Matt can be a first point of contact for all International students (EU and visa national) and can provide initial advice on a wide range of subjects. The webpages also contains much useful information for current students.

Postgraduate research students can also seek support and advice from the Doctoral Research Office in the Graduate School.

Curtailment of Leave Letters

If a students leave to remain in the UK is curtailed the UK Visas and Immigration will write to the student. At times these letters are sent in error and at times they are sent to the student's home school. These letters MUST be taken very seriously and acted upon immediately because there is a very limited time within which the student can appeal against the decision if they believe the letter has been sent in error. Student advice on Curtailment Letters has been prepared by the Immigration Advice team and can be downloaded from the International students webpages.

If a Curtailment Letter is received by a school for one of their students then please immediately take the letter to the Student Help Desk in the Carrington building and pass to Matt Daley, Senior International Student Adviser who will contact and advise the student as to how to proceed.

Employing visa nationals at the University

For all matters relating to employment and visa nationals please contact the Human Resources (HR) Department, Aileen Wallace or Caroline Bryan.

Immigration Advice

Please note that it is illegal to give immigration advice unless you are qualified to do so.

Students or University staff who need immigration advice should be directed to the University's Immigration Advice Service who offer a free and confidential immigration advice service, and can advise on a range of topics such as applying for a Tier 4 visa, visa extensions, police registration, curtailment letters, immigration rules, bringing dependents to the UK and appeals against UK Border Agency decisions. Further information can be seen at the Immigration Advice Service webpage or browsing our immigration and visa advice FAQs.

Students and University staff can contact the Immigration Advice Service in the following ways:

  • Email:
  • Telephone: +44 (0) 118 378 5555 - particularly useful for urgent advice.
  • Attend an individual visa advice drop-in session on the Ground Floor of the Carrington Building. No appointment required. Visa advice drop-in times are:

         Monday and Tuesday 10:00-12:30
   Wednesday and Thursday

Pre-arrival advice

For all aspects relating to pre-arrival advice, marketing and recruitment please contact Reading International Office +44 (0)118 378 6982, or see the International Welcome Programme webpages.

Postgraduate Research Students

For all matters concerning enrolment, registration status and student visa renewal please contact the Doctoral Research Office in the Graduate School:
Email: Doctoral Research Office telephone: +44 (0)118 378 4741/4740; fax: +44 (0)118 378 4753.

Police Registration

If the student's visa says "Police Registration within 7 days of arrival in UK" or "Register/Report to Police" they must attend the Reading Police Station within 7 days to register, the police station is open 24 hours. The police do also attend during the International Welcome Programme to allow registration on campus. Further information on police registration can be obtained from the Senior International Student Adviser, Matt Daley and/or at webpages.

Reporting to the UK Home Office (UKVI)

The University's central compliance team is responsible for making reports to the UK Visas and Immigration, which are made according to strict guidelines and in consultation as appropriate with the school, student or staff member. Any queries in relation to reporting to the UK Visas and Immigration should be made to Katie Robertson at the contact details listed.

Reading Intergrated Student Informarion System (RISIS)

For information on the flags and notifications that are available to personal tutors and others to help identify visa national students please contact: Vanessa Leivers (RISIS).

Sponsored Researchers

To be completed To sponsor a researcher under the University's Tier 5 Licence please contact Aileen Wallace or Caroline Bryan in HR for further information.

Student Visitors

Please contact Katie Robertson if you have a query in relation to student visitors to the University.

UK Visas and Immigration Compliance

All queries in relation to UK Visas and Immigration compliance and the University should be emailed to in the first instance. For urgent queries please contact Katie Robertson.

Under 18s

Specific policies and practices are in place for all under 18 students who are regarded as children under UK Legislation. Those specifically relating to visa national students cover their travel arrangements to the UK and the University and nominated guardians. Wider policies cover accommodation. Contact Katie Robertson

Work Placements

Visa national students can undertake work placements that are an assessed part of their course. The Work Placement handbook for staff, produced by Careers has more detailed information about work placements and visa national students. A copy can be accessed at the Managing Placements webpages. (Please note: this is a staff only link.)

Contact us

Information on international students or urgent UKVI compliance queries:

Katie Robertson

For queries relating to UKVI compliance:

For queries relating to European students and staff:

Reading International Office

  • Telephone:
    +44 (0)118 378 6982 

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