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The Cole Museum of Zoology is Moving

Colour photograph of Norman the Indian elephant skeleton


In early 2020 the Cole Museum of Zoology will be moving to the Health and Life Sciences building. This has been designed to bring together all biological science teaching into one home enabling the museum’s continuing central and unique feature of zoology teaching at the University.

And help is needed to move Norman, our flagship specimen who will welcome everyone to the museum in its new location. We don't know the kind of life Norman led, but in death he is the Cole Museum's most iconic specimen, well-known and loved. As part of the move the skeleton will have to be disassembled, bones catalogued and photographed then packed into bespoke boxes.

This work is highly specialised, and the initial aim is to raise enough funds for an expert conservator move Norman to his new home. Our ultimate goal would allow us to commission a beautiful new plinth for him to stand on, have replicas of his tusks made and invest in technology to make him more accessible. If you’d like to be a part of ensuring that Norman remains a centrepiece of the Museum you can do so here.

The Cole Museum of Zoology was established in the early 20th century by Francis J. Cole, Professor of Zoology from 1907 to 1939. The museum contains some 3500 specimens of which about 400 are on display at any one time. Highlights of the collection can be seen here.


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