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On Friday 7 December, a burst water main on Whiteknights Road meant water supply across the Whiteknights campus was affected. Colleagues were asked to go home as we decided to close the campus because it could not be operated safely.

A new mass notification app, Callmy Alert, helped us inform our staff and students. 

Callmy Alert is free to download in Apple, Android and Windows app stores and enables us to alert colleagues and students about a major incident affecting the campus.  This might be a major fire, toxic chemical or gas leak, firearms incident or, as in this case, a decision to close the campus because of a disruption to water supply. If you haven't already downloaded the app, visit the App Store relevant to your device. After installation, there is a simple verification process to follow and you’ll need to add the group name UoRalert.  

Should such an incident occur, you will receive a simple message, in real time, informing you where the incident is and which areas or the buildings to avoid. Firearms or weapons attacks on UK campuses are rare, but the app will help you stay safe. This complements the recommended Police advice of Run, Hide, Tell.  Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the guidance.

The system updates continuously and covers all of the University estate so if you are at your desk or on the move, it will help keep you safe.

You will receive periodic test messages. This is just to make sure that everything is working properly.

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