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Reminder: be sure to plan for Week 6, Monday 31 October - Friday 4 November

Week 6, Monday 31 October - Friday 4 November 2016

Week 6 is a great opportunity to run experiential events and teaching approaches.

Colleagues are reminded that Week 6 now replaces Enhancement Week, which takes place Monday 31 October – Friday 4 November.  

Week 6 should contribute positively to the student experience and strengthen or enrich the curriculum- it is a great opportunity to run pedagogical or experiential events and teaching approaches that would not be possible within a normal teaching week. 

Although normal modular teaching is not expected to run over the course of the week, Week 6 is by no means an opportunity for no activity at all. Week 6 is not a reading week or a half term break.  

Guidance for Week 6 activity was sent to all Heads of School and SDTLs in June earlier this year- if you haven’t seen a copy of this, please contact your Head of School as early as possible.  

It is important that colleagues are aware of these changes and understand the importance of providing our students with engaging activities over the course of Week 6. 

For further information please contact Amanda Callaghan

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