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Professional and Administrative Services (PAS) review update

John Brady

John Brady, Director of Human Resources

I wanted to provide you with an update on PAS as we begin a busy week of work in preparation for providing letters confirming how your role will be affected.

Over the last few weeks, each workstream has been busy with the process of matching colleagues to roles in the new structures, where this has been possible. Some workstreams – for example, Technical Services, Human Resources and Academic & Governance Services – have already completed this work. The remaining workstreams are scheduled to complete this week.

This work has been conducted alongside our continuing consultation with colleagues from the UCU and the Staff Forum, and there are further consultation meetings scheduled for this week.

We are therefore on schedule to begin circulating letters to colleagues by the end of this week. Please note that there will be four variations of letter, as follows:

  1. Confirmation that your current role remains unchanged. Please note that we will not be writing to colleagues in those areas already stated as being out of scope of PAS.
  2. Confirmation that you have been proposed as a match to a role in one of the new services.
  3. As (2) above, however there are more colleagues matched than there are available roles. In such a situation, a selection process may be necessary, depending on the number of colleagues accepting the proposed match.
  4. It has not been possible to match you to a role in the new services. In such a situation, you will be declared at risk of redundancy, and further consultation will follow.

The letters will give an indication of next steps where appropriate.

Colleagues will be able, if they so choose, to apply for vacancies that remain in the new services following the matching process. You should continue to visit the PAS webpage where details of all vacancies are contained for each workstream.

As stated previously, if you feel that you should have been matched to a particular role please raise this directly by e-mail to

Over the next few weeks, we will be concentrating on ensuring that colleagues are appointed to their new roles, and consulting with those colleagues who have not as yet been allocated a role. However, we will also be working towards a successful transition to the new arrangements; there is still much to be done and colleagues will be working just as hard to achieve this objective.

I appreciate that this has been a difficult process for all concerned. Over the next few weeks I will be available to meet with individuals or groups of colleagues to discuss the process and next steps. If you would like to arrange a meeting please feel free to contact me directly at

John Brady

Director of Human Resources

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