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Professional and Administrative Services review: message from the Vice-Chancellor

Professional and Administrative Services review: message from the Vice-Chancellor

Dear Colleagues,

We have reached an important point in the Professional and Administrative Services review (PAS), the process through which we have been looking at the future size and structure of our non-academic staff body and some of the key services they provide. 

The University needs to make significant financial savings, and PAS is one part of that. But PAS is also about building on the professionalism and best practice across our services. 

We all recognise the commitment, talent and hard work of our non-academic staff. The fact that change is coming should not detract from that. Indeed, the aim is to take the very best of what we currently do and apply it consistently as well as efficiently.

I know that the primary question for many of you is whether your own job will be affected by PAS. Today’s information does not go into detail about the impact on specific roles. However, between now and the end of the calendar year, through continuing consultation, we will be able to provide clarity on this in many cases.  We will provide detail about some critical posts in December and substantive detail on the number and types of roles in the new structures across the workstreams by mid-February 2016.

This message contains links to:

1. A letter from me that:

a. Explains the context for PAS, including the University’s financial position and requirements;

b. Recaps on what PAS is, and what the workstream leads in PAS have been asked to do;

c. Explains the new information on high-level service structures that is being shared today;

d. Sets out the forthcoming timeline and what to expect next.

2. Slides from presentations I have been giving to colleagues over the last two weeks. Some of you may have attended; if not, don’t worry, because all the information is covered by the three attachments provided today. Please do look at the notes field of the PowerPoint file for the structure slides, as this will explain what you are seeing.

3. Some Frequently Asked Questions.

Any questions you have after reading this material can be directed to

Let me say that the decisions underpinning PAS have not been taken lightly. This is about making the right decisions to create a stronger university – something we are all aiming for. 

The coming months will be a time of transition, and we all need to be open to doing things differently. No-one is pretending it will be easy, and I thank you in advance for your professionalism and dedication, and for the support I know you will show to one another.

With best wishes

Sir David Bell


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