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Using PHP on the Apache Server

PHP version 5.3.3 is installed on the Apache web server but PHP is not available on the MS/IIS server. We also can also provide you with a database on our MySQL server. We are currently running MySQL version 5.1.41. To access the Apache web server you must first register for a new Web Information Provider username: do this using the online form Request for Web Information Provider username or web address

Unless you have expertise with PHP or have an existing PHP application you wish to install we would recommend you contact ITS-Help to discuss your web needs.


You are free to write and try out any scripts you wish. However, insecure scripts can allow unauthorised access to our network and therefore it is preferred that you use Third Party Applications which are kept patched and up to date.

Using scripts to makes connections to other machines on campus (such as database servers) without informing ITS is a potential security risk. As part of the University's action plan to reduce vulnerability, ITS will shortly be tightening up the firewall between the webserver and the campus network and any unauthorised links will then fail.

Please remember that ITS may change or enhance the webserver operating system and it is your responsibility to ensure that any scripts still work correctly after notified changes.

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