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Becoming a WWW Information Provider

What is an Information Provider?

An Information Provider is someone who, on behalf of an official group of the University of Reading, maintains information on the World-Wide Web. This can be on the University's main WWW server, the new web Content Management System or on any server connected to the University network that provides information representing a part of the University.

The rules that govern Information Providers are set by the Networked Information Policy Panel NIPP.


The Main Information Provider is responsible for providing information on behalf of the Department, Group or Society.  The Main Information Provider is given permission by an Head of Department or Head of School to have overall responsibility for the site or area of the web concerned.  This responsibility includes determining who is given permission to provide information within that area as well as overall responsibility for the information published. 

By filling in an online form (or signing a printed form), Information Providers are agreeing to abide by the Acceptable Use Policy. It also means that you agree to notify IT Services when you cease to be an Information Provider.

Content Management System

Historically the main web server at the University of Reading has been an Apache/Unix web server.  Many sites are still hosted on this server and a Web Information Provider username is required for this.

We also have a Microsoft IIS web server. This is now used for sites that cannot easily be hosted on our web Content Management System.

The main way we are now asking Information Providers to publish on the web on behalf of the University is via the new Activedition web content management system (CMS) produced and maintained by C(2) Software.  This CMS is the main vehicle by which the website at the University is being rebranded.  Templates are available in the CMS that enable Information Providers to edit their own content relatively easily within the context of a branded site.

If you would like to discuss how you might best provide information on the web - which system to use for your particular requirements - please email with your requirements and someone will contact you to discuss and advise.



 (including applying to provide information on the web CMS)

Apache & MS IIS

To apply for an Information Provider account in order to publish on Apache or IIS, please complete the Request for Web Information Provider username or web address form available online.

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