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The web Content Management System (web CMS) called Activedition, created by C(2) software ( is now the preferred method for publishing information on the web on behalf of the University. The introduction of the CMS is being done in conjunction with the Branding Project. Training in the use of Activedition is provided by IT Services.

The webCMS enables relatively unskilled users to create, modify and publish information on the web. Some of the advantages of using the webCMS are:

  • easy to update information
  • consistency of look and feel across the site
  • provision of workflow, where different people can partake in the process of creating, editing and publishing information on the web

To apply to publish information on the web CMS, go to the ..

Apache and MS IIS web servers

If you are not going to be using the CMS to produce your web information, you will be publishing either on the Apache (Unix) web server or on one of our MS Internet Information servers (IIS).  The links on the left provide general information on preparing web pages and sites for these servers at The University of Reading.


Responsibility for the Information entered in the Web server directories and for the linking of information to the Departmental pages lies with the Head of Department. However, in most cases the Head of Department will devolve responsibility to other members of the Department by signing an University Information Service Agreement Form. Anyone who creates pages can provide links to files maintained by members of staff and others who have not signed the University Information Service Agreement Form; in such cases the person providing the link should take care to do this responsibly.

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