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Greenlands Campus New Voicemail System

Code of Practice

Please familiarise yourself with the Voicemail Code of Practice before using Voicemail.

How to access your mailbox

Your mailbox number is the same as your extension in a majority of cases. If this is not the case you will have been notified of this.

Method of Access

Number to Call

Internally from your own extension

  1. Press the message key on your handset or dial the NuPoint Voice access number 3333
  2. Enter your passcode when prompted (default is 1111)

Internally from any other extension

  1. Press the message key on your handset of dial the internal NuPoint Voice access number 3333
  2. Press the * key when prompted to enter a passcode
  3. Enter your mailbox number followed by the * key
  4. Enter your passcode when prompted.


  1. Dial the external NuPoint Voice access number (01491) 418846
  2. Enter your mailbox number followed by the * key
  3. Enter your passcode when prompted.

Setting up your Mailbox

When you access your mailbox for the first time, a user tutorial automatically activates. This tutorial guides you through your first mailbox session, explains how to record a greeting, your name and prompts you to change your temporary passcode.


After opening your mailbox, you will be asked to record one or more greetings that callers will hear when they call your mailbox.


You will be prompted to record your name so that the system can:

        • Address you when you call into the system (for example, "Hello, Jane Smith").
        • Inform other users when a message comes from you (for example, "4:45 p.m., from Jane Smith").
        • State your name to other users when they address messages to your mailbox (for example "Jane Smith") 


For a majority of users the system will be configured so that a call diverts automatically if unanswered or when the line is busy.  An email informing you that there is a voicemail message waiting will also be sent.


You will always be prompted for your passcode before accessing your mailbox. The first time you access your mailbox, you will use the temporary passcode (1111).  During the tutorial, you will be prompted to change your passcode to a number containing 4 to 10 digits. Define a passcode that you can easily remember, but do not select an obvious code like "1234".

More information can be found in the Greenlands Voicemail Quick Guide or Greenlands Voicemail Guide

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